Who we are


Founded in 1977, Costa & Irmão, Lda. ® is a company located in Porto Rego - Pampilhosa - Mealhada, aiming to provide its customers with the best in Marbles, Granites and similar. For this, it works with a wide range of National and Foreign Ornamental Stones.

In addition to the quality of the materials and the highest standard of finishes, it is equipped with high technology for the maintenance and treatment of the stone, thus obtaining the best results with perfection and effectiveness.


Foundation of Costa & Irmão, Lda, headquartered at Rua Joaquim da Cruz, Porto Rego - Pampilhosa - Mealhada, with 2 managing partners, Sr António Costa and Sr Francisco Costa.

Construction of new facilities (a pavilion, a small office, a raw material park) in Porto Rego, parish of Vacariça, municipality of Mealhada supplanting the small space and difficult access to heavy vehicles (center of Pampilhosa).

Expansion of the management of the company to 3 partners, by including Mr. Carlos Costa, brother of managing partners motivated by new challenges.

Creation of the company MAGRICOSTA-Mármores and Granitos Costa, Lda, headquartered in Mortágua, providing greater proximity to the clients of this county.

Construction of a 2nd pavilion and an office adapted to the requirements of the market due to the notorious growth of the company.

Acquisition of new equipment allowing an increase in productivity and quality of services provided.
As examples, it is emphasized:
1 automatic cutting machine, 1 automatic polishing machine, 1 automatic deburring machine, 1 polishing machine heads, 1 gantry, 1 monolayer, 1 sandblasting machine.

Commemoration of the 25 years of the company Costa & Irmão, Lda.

Construction of the 3rd pavilion, 1 exhibition hall; purchase of 1 automatic rotary table cutting machine with 2 cutting discs, 1 sludge press and 1 dusting system.

Vision for the Future

Objective: To provide its clients with the best in Marbles, Granites and similar, working with a wide range of National and Foreign Ornamental Stones, high quality materials and the highest standard of finishes using high technology for maintenance and treatment of the stone leading to the best results with perfection and effectiveness.

Costa & Irmão, Lda, as a result of the commitment of its partners-managers, dedication of the employees, trust of the clients, contribution of the suppliers and friends, was consolidating itself in the market, imposing its quality standard identifying with these values in the future of the company.

Costa & Irmão, Lda. Has made recent investments in order to meet the high number of orders and its commitment to preserve environmental quality.

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